When Christian ex-cop calls India “Saffron Pakistan” he is dancing to the tunes of Vatican Bank

The nation of India occupies a central position in the South Asian subcontinent. Less than a century ago, entire South Asia was one united nation of India colonised by the British empire. Go few more centuries back, the nation stretched from the western most frontier of modern day Afghanistan to the last eastern pole of what we now call Myanmar. These last few centuries not only saw a systematic destruction of “Hindustan” (the land of Hindus) but series of massacres against its native Hindu population with a an objective of committing a cultural and civilisational genocide. The land that saw the birth of hundreds of religions and sects including ‘Sanatana Dharma’ or popularly known as Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism faced the wrath of Muslim and Christian invaders. The way South Asia looks today is a stark and cruel reminder of horrors and blatant ignominy inflicted upon India’s indigenous Hindu population.

The pillars and structure of original Kashi Vishwanath temple in Varnasi seen under the cemented “Gyanwapi” mosque

On the west of India, there is Pakistan and Afghanistan — two Islamic states best described as graveyards of Hindus and Buddhists. Since its creation in 1947, Pakistan has systematically massacred every religious, linguistic and cultural minority. Hindus, Sikh, Christians, Hazara, Baloch,Ahmadiyya, Bengali, Kalash, Kashmiri, Sindhi and many more. On the East of India, Bangladesh turned in to an Islamic state with in years of its liberation from the Pakistani Islamist Army Generals. This was done in blatant negation of its minority Hindu community that has since then remained at the receiving end of persecution and religious discrimination. Move further east or deep south, we find Buddhist states of Myanmar and Sri Lanka. Myanmar has recently received much criticism from global organisation and media on the recent treatment of its Bengali Muslim (popularised as Rohingya by western media outfits). Sri Lanka had for years hounded, massacred and ill-treated its minority Tamil Hindu population. The constitution of Sri Lanka accords Buddhism “the foremost place” and makes it the duty of the State to protect and foster the ‘Buddha Sasana’. The only other designated secular state in the Indian subcontinent remains Nepal. Another Hindu majority state like India that has since the fall of monarchy struggled under the clutches of a Chinese supported communist extremism. India that is home to world’s second largest Muslim population had once suffered partition after overwhelming demands of its Muslim population. Yet, it is India’s only Muslim majority where an open Jihadi terror is waged against its Hindu population to the extent that indigenous Hindu Kashmiri are forced to live in exile outside the Kashmir valley fearing for their lives. Sikh separatism too was a key challenge for India in the 1980s that saw murder and killings of thousands of Hindus and Sikhs culminating with the assassination of Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi by her Sikh bodyguards.

So when a former police officer, civil servant and diplomat Julio Ribeiro pens down an article asking citizens to pray for secularism and makes a claim of India being a “Saffron Pakistan” days after a politically charged communal appeal by Archbishop of Delhi he merely peddles the narrative of the Holy See. Julio Ribeiro remains unapologetic about the conversion racket run by Christian missionaries beside thousands of cases of child abuse by Christian pastors. When Julio Ribeiro claims that he is “preparing for the Hindu Rashtra” he conveniently (or deliberately) neglects that India is an oasis of secularism in the region only because it is a Hindu Rashtra i.e., a Hindu majority nation. Plurality of India is a pure Hindu construct, not Islamic, not Sikh, not Christian and nor Buddhist. The two times when Julio Ribeiro faced murder attempts in India and Romania it was no done by a saffron clad terrorist but by Khalistani Sikh terrorists. Statement like “My bosses in the police were predominantly Hindu” coming from an ex-diplomat and police officer shows the extent to which communal elements like Ribeiro wield influence in the Indian administration. When India was ruled for a decade by a rubber stamp Sikh Prime Minister and Catholic born Sonia Gandhi, did Ribeiro also approached the duo using their religious affiliations?

‘Padma Bhushan’ Ribeiro calls conversion by his Hindu ancestors “as an accident of history”. By that logic entire Pakistan was an “accident of history”. Goa Inquisition was an organised genocide of Hindus by Vatican and Portuguese colonists. The problem with Vatican missionaries like Ribeiro and protégé of Wahhabi network in India can be summed up in one sentence. None of them want to be treated like the way minorities are treated in Islamic and Christian states. It is not Hindu majority India that denies opening up mosques or churches as done across the Christian Europe. Second class citizens’ status that Julio Ribeiro is so sacred of is an everyday reality for Hindus living in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Afghanistan. When Ribeiro use a derogatory term like “Saffron Pakistan” he offends the thousands years of Hindu traditions that have ensured that every religious sect is treated with fairness even when followers of those religions demands unfair rights like separate personal law and polygamy or show regular secessionist tendencies.

In Pakistan, Ahmadiyya muslim are barred from saying “Salam” (a popular Islamic form of greeting each other) under the Ordinance XX that treats Ahmadiyya Muslim no worse than Jews under Nazi Germany. Hindus and Sikhs are forced to bury their dead because cremation grounds are taken over by local mosques. Yet Ribeiro has the shameless audacity of using the India and Pakistan in a same sentence about secularism.

So many Hindus send their kids to study in missionary schools across India. Because Hindus have never treated a fellow citizens different because of one’s religious affiliation. This is the plurality that sets apart India from any other nation. Yet tolerance of Hindu masses is attacked, poked and ridiculed every election season. For a decade, UPA under Sonia Gandhi used the state resources to craft a “Saffron narrative”. Ribeiro is just the next stage of the same agenda.

Julio Ribeiro is free to pray for whatever he may like, but next time he may consider praying that Indian state wakes up to ban the world’s largest organised sex abuse racket and money laundering syndicate by the name of Institute for the Works of Religion or widely known as Vatican Bank. He might also consider praying for thousands of Indian children abused by the Vatican Church that he represents. His misleading statements are a testimony that the Nehruvian Secularism imposed upon India since 1950s is anything but a farce. It has become a mere excuse to treat Hindus in Hindu majority India as a second class citizens whereby only Hindu places of worship are under government control. Hindus are denied minority recognition even when they are numerically a minority in Muslim dominated states like J&K. Ribeiro already lives in a ‘Hindu Rashtra’ where Hindu traditions toil day and night as guardians of India’s religious, cultural and linguistic plurality. India’s secularism that we hear so much about is somewhere deep under the ground just like thousands of Hindu temples with mosque and churches standing atop.

| Lawyer turned Economist |